Italien/ Savini Tartufi

The Savini family business has always been linked with truffles in Tuscany, a passion which began in the early 1920s and has been handed down over four generations. Today, like then, we still gather fresh truffles each season and personally follow each step of the production cycle, from the gathering to the selection process, from the cleaning to the creation of products and from the packaging to the sale and delivery.

Truffles in Tuscany: in our region, truffles can be found all year round;
from the rare black truffles to the ‘scorzone’ truffles in the winter,
and from the white ‘Bianchetto’ to the summer ‘scorzone’ in the warmer months,
right through to the White Truffle ‘par excellence’, the “Tuber magnatum Pico”.

Almost every day we are out with our truffle hunters in the heart of Tuscany, where the provinces of Pisa, Florence and Siena meet (the area of Palaia, San Miniato and Volterra) so we can guarantee the highest quality of our produce and to ensure we know exactly where it was found.

Our Truffles are individually selected by Luciano and Cristiano Savini, then marketed and distributed to those who love to appreciate and taste the very best White and Black Truffles, whether fresh, preserved or in the form of our range of products, which are also all produced directly by us.

The production of truffle-based products is carried out using traditional methods and solely upon request of the client, to guarantee both the freshness of the product and its ‘shelf life’. This is clearly indicated on all packaging which shows the day, month and year of production.

2007 was an incredible year for Savini Tartufi, full of emotion and indescribable satisfaction for truffle lovers like us who dedicate every day of our lives to truffles, concluding with an event that would put us in the history books:

At the end of November in the hills of Palaia (province of Pisa), thanks to our dog Rocco, we found a Giant White Truffle weighing 1.497kg which was sold at the International Auction for Tuscan Truffles on 1st December for charity. With this we beat the World Record for the largest truffle ever found and the highest price ever paid for a White Truffle: $330,000.

In the future we wish to confirm and reinforce our position as a company that knows where it’s going, fully respecting the rules and with a passion that distinguishes us from others and makes our name synonymous with good truffles…

…and because if we hold the Record, there must be a good reason!